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July 28, 2004

The Rape of the Masters

Posted by Michael Mosbacher

Readers of this weblog may have noticed that there is rather more coverage of the arts than those who have known about the Social Affairs Unit in the past may have expected. The New York based New Criterion magazine has long been a source for serious art criticism and a formidable critic of much of the art establishment.

The Social Affairs Unit has jointly held two conferences with the New Criterion - the first on anti-Americanism, the second on the different roles religion has played in shaping UK and US society. We will be holding a third joint conference in the UK in September on Corrupt Humanitarianism.

The Rape of the Masters, a new book by the New Criterion's editor, Roger Kimball, has just come out powerfully arguing that much art criticism has been undermined by its obsession with fashionable politically correct concerns. Roger Kimball is interviewed about this book in National Review Online.

Update: Bunny Smedley has written an extended review of The Rape of the Masters for the Social Affairs Unit.

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I have just read 'The Rape of the Masters'. It really does give a new perspective on art criticism. Thank you for recommending this book.

Posted by: David Heathcott at August 23, 2004 11:34 PM
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