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October 04, 2004

Jonathan Sacks on Wealth & Poverty

Posted by Michael Mosbacher

The SAU has over the years published much on the issue of poverty and what should, or more often should not, be done about it. It is now taking a look at wealth and attitudes towards it. Prof.William D. Rubinstein has recently written for us on changing attitudes to wealth: Money Talks? Once It Whispered, Now It Shouts. We will be publishing a new book by Richard D. North on wealth early next year: Rich is Beautiful - A Very Personal Defence of Mass Affluence. Since we are publishing new material on wealth and attitudes towards it, we have also decided to make available, in electronic form, Jonathan Sack's 1985 report for the SAU: Wealth And Poverty, A Jewish Analysis. At that time Jonathan Sacks was Principal of Jews' College, London, now called The London School of Jewish Studies. He is now Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth.

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