September 28, 2006

Why Tories should fear John Reid

Posted by Watlington

Conservatives should be careful. Complacency over the Blair-Brown squabbles ignores the seemingly inexorable rise of John Reid. With a first class speech today, and a favourable Newsnight focus group poll, Mr Reid's stock is rising. The Home Secretary's tough on terrorism, tough on the causes of terrorism is going down well amongst the electorate. In a few short weeks, Mr Reid has become a Home Secretary who is popular compared to the disastrous image of his predecessor Charles Clarke. If Mr Cameron is not careful, the working class electors in marginal seats might much more readily identify with Mr Reid's war on Islamists than with Mr Cameron's 'hug a hoodie'.

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Very true: a pity that Mr Cameron and his mates cannot sound - or, even better, actually be - as tough on what are traditional Conservative grounds. Have we, for example, heard any Conservative insisting on a substantial increase in defence expenditure - more troops, better pay, better equipment?
Jon Davies

Posted by: jon gower davies at September 29, 2006 02:52 PM

very true: why is it that we do not hear from Mr Cameron's Conservatives a more rigorous statment on these topics, traditionally 'Tory', and almost nothing on the size, pay, weaponry and deployment of our (ridiculously small) Army?

Posted by: jon gower davies at September 29, 2006 07:06 PM

Very apt indeed. David Cameron as leader makes me think that the Conservatives are more advanced in mathematics than Labour, since they seem to have got hold of the square root of minus one.

And John Reid had my sympathy over that heckling incident. I read that the heckler is actually a Jamaican and not a Sudanese. Therefore I think that the only thing that was missing from the incident was for Lance-Corporal Jones to appear and say “Don’t you talk to the Home Secretary like that, you ridiculous fuzzy-wuzzy!”

If I feel such sympathy, the threat from John Read must be real.

Posted by: Robert H. Olley at September 29, 2006 08:05 PM
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