October 02, 2006

The Genius of the Tories

Posted by Watlington

The Tories have pulled one stroke of genius this week. Bringing John McCain to the Tory conference was a major coup. It helped cement Tory-Republican relations after the hiccups of the past months. Despite being a staunch Neo Con, McCain is also a US Conservative who represents the acceptable face of Republicanism to the UK media intelligentsia. Mr McCain's reservations about Guantanamo and other aspects of Bush Foreign policy come from the view that - in order to successfully pursue an active policy of regime change - the free world must be much more moral than our opponents. McCain also is a strong supporter of Israel and believes that military action will probably be necessary against Iran.

In contrast with Clinton's speech last week. McCain was devoid of schmaltz and spoke of honesty and integrity in politics.

It is hoped that McCain's refined Neo Con foreign policy will be swallowed up by the Cameron team and Mr Cameron's summer flirtation with Arabist establishment foreign policy will be long forgotten.

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