October 14, 2006

Labour high command order an all out war on Islamism

Posted by Watlington

Before the last election - in an effort to assuage Islamic opinion following the Iraq war - Labour were openly flirting with the Islamic vote. Whilst Foreign Minister Mike O'Brien wrote a letter to Muslims criticising two opposition Jewish politicians (from the Lib Dems and Tories), Labour HQ published anti-Semitic adverts portraying Oliver Letwin as Fagin and Michael Howard on a flying pig. The then Labour Chairman Ian McCartney, also described Letwin as Fagin at a party conference.

All this has now changed. Other than the efforts of Ken Livingstone - who nakedly courts the radical Islamist vote and has insulted the Jewish community - all the signs are that the Government have committed an about turn.

As noted by Fraser Nelson in this week's Spectator - Mr Nelson is rapidly becoming Westminster's shrewdest commentator - the Government has launched a cultural war against the nation of Islam. Criticism of the Hijab has been backed up by numerous Ministers and backbenchers, the DFEE is investigating Islamic extremism at Universities and only last week, Ruth Kelly launched an astonishing attack on the Muslim Council of Britain. Having flirted with the MCB for a number of years, the Government have at last recognised that this organisation is extremist and does not by any means represent moderate Islamic opinion in the UK. The MCB's refusal to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day is simply the last straw as far as the Government is concerned.

As Fraser Nelson notes, the war against radical Islam in the UK causes the Tories a major headache. They are being outflanked on the right, but on an issue the public at large care deeply about. Islamic extremism is one of the few political issues to be discussed in the Dog and Duck. So far the Tory response has been limp. They have barely registered on the airwaves although, to be fair, Mr Cameron made clear in his conference speech his support for the need to do battle with Islamic extremism. The Tories need to act quickly on this issue. It must be tackled head on. Leave it to the Liberal Democrats, Respect and Ken Livingstone to nakedly court the Radical Islamic vote.

PS: Mr Letwin's unfortunate support for the Hijab has won backing from the MCB - just as Mr Hague's attitude to the Lebanon war received the support of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee - an organisation which makes the MCB look like a mother's tea party.

To read more by Watlington, see Watlington.

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I think its about time we start to act on our right and win our country back from the hands of these islamists who want to ruin and conquer our country.Everybody should wake up to the threat.Thanks jack for spearheading this.We cannot remain tolerant to people whose creed says intolerant.

Posted by: BritishRedemption at October 17, 2006 09:56 PM
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