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October 27, 2006

Sir Ming offers a de facto endorsement of Iranian Extremism

Posted by Watlington

As Sir Ming prepares to endorse former Iranian leader Khatami, by awarding him an honorary degree at St Andrews' University, it is worth reading the latest Hitlerian statement by the current President Ahmadinejad. Members of the Iranian regime of which Khatami has been a part have justified the nuclear obliteration of Israel, stating that whilst Muslim lives would be lost, the sacrifice would be worth it. Sir Ming's decision to honour the Iranian fundamentalist regime is the latest example of the Liberal Democrat's calculated decision to support radical Islamism for electoral benefit - see, The Liberal Democrats and the Islamists.

What follows are excerpts from an address delivered by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which aired on Jaam-e Jam 1 TV on 20th October, 2006.

In the address, Ahmadinejad stated that the U.S. was extorting the entire world using the Holocaust as a pretext and that the West was being held hostage by "the Zionists" by means of the Holocaust, and instructed it to pick up "[the Zionist regime] by the arms and legs, and remove it" from the Middle East. He further claimed that the U.N. Security Council and its resolutions were illegitimate and that "the whole world knows that America and England are the enemies of the Iranian nation."

To views this clip, see: http://www.memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=1301

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "This [Zionist regime] was established in order to swallow up the entire region, and to place it at the disposal of the world forces. It is a big lie that it was done in order to protect those killed in World War II, and in order to compensate them.

"Over 60 million people were killed in World War II. Let's assume you are right, and six million [Jews] were among those killed. How come none of you mourn the other 54 million? Why don't you pay reparations to them? Why don't you ever think about them? All your sorrow, your pity, your mourning cries are over [victims] who were counted by I don't know whom..."

"Western Countries Are Being Held Hostage Today By The Zionists..."

"Obviously, some of the Western countries are being held hostage today by the Zionists. Some Western countries have been paying reparations for 60 years. We sent letters and messages, and asked them: 'When will these relations, which evolved from World War II, come to an end?' A war broke out 60 years ago, and some considered themselves the victors in this war. They occupied Palestine. They set up bases throughout the world, and want to act aggressively against all the peoples. They also gave themselves privileges in the international forums, and the other peoples must submit to their control. We asked them when these relations would come to an end. We asked the leader of one of these countries: 'Until when will your people have to pay reparations?' For two generations? Three generations? For a hundred years? A thousand years? A few thousand years?'"

"The existence of this regime is so essential for these countries that in some of them, they even built monuments. You know that every country builds monuments for the objects of their pride. They take their children, from an early age, to show them these monuments, in order to help them develop their identity, and to instill in their memory the things that make them proud, in order to feel power and honor. In some of these countries, they set up monuments whose purpose was to degrade that very nation. From an early age, they take their children and say to them: 'Look, our ancestors were murderers. Our ancestors used to burn people. We are in debt.'"

"Why Does America Extort The World, Under The Pretext Of The Holocaust?"

"Something happened three generations ago. Let's assume it was true. What is the crime of the youth born in Europe today? What is the crime of people living in the world today that they have to pay reparations so high they cannot even be calculated? The peoples have to pay any sum decreed by America and England. What is the reason for this? When will there be an end to these claims? What is their limit? What does America have to do with this? Why does America extort the world, under the pretext of the Holocaust? Why does England extort [the world]? Wasn't it England that laid the foundations for the fear that led the Jews to flee to the occupied lands?"

To read more by Watlington, see Watlington.

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Crazy stuff from Ming. I'm surprised this hasn't made a bigger splash in the national media.

Posted by: John Wilkes at October 28, 2006 10:51 AM

Referring to the holocaust as "Something [that] happened three generations ago" possibly says more about life expectancy in Iran than the over-long memories of the West...

Posted by: Mark at October 28, 2006 10:56 AM

What exactly has awarding an Honorary Degree to the former Iranian leader got to do with the comments of the current Iranian President? Has Ming Campbell ever endorsed President Ahmadinejad? You seem to base the fact that the Liberal Democrats are supporting radical Islam on the bases of a few minor things. By that same calcultion do you believe that the Tories support radical Islam because they said Israel's attack on Hezbollah was disproportionate? Do you think the Tories support radical Islam because a radical Islamic group in the UK came out and supported Cameron? Your anti-Ming Campbell and Lib Dem bashing makes little sense.

Posted by: Manjit at October 28, 2006 03:30 PM

It seems to me that what drives President Ahmadinejad is a combination of Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and Gerry Adams all in one bottle. (See What a load of Goebbels in last Sunday’s Telegraph). Nevertheless, having seen a bit of his recent performance on American TV, I am worried by the impression that he does spend more time on this planet than the members of the Bush administration. He certainly knows what makes Europeans squeal.

He remarks about Europe on a guilt-trip. He may be riding this one for more than it’s worth, but there is more than a grain of truth about it. When I was a teenager in the early 60’s, a lot of well-meaning people were feeding us all sorts of confusing tosh. Not only the late-imperial guilt that was such a soft spot for Marxians to go for, but the idea that “we should be nice to the Germans because they’re so nasty”. That was bad enough when a boy would get a load of how the Gestapo tortured POW’s, but it really took off once the Holocaust became front-page when the Israelis captured Adolf Eichmann in 1960 and brought him to trial. The BBC is one major player in this field – see Why do we love being beastly to the Germans?. But the thing that bugged me above all was seeing Cliff Michelmore asking a senior rabbi if he could forgive the Germans.

What about “6 million Jews versus 60 million others”? Agreed, the volumes seem to be out of proportion on his own personal map projection. But there is again an element of truth. Under Marxian influence, there has been a tendency to play down what Stalin did as opposed to Hitler.

So, crazy stuff indeed. But enough of how he goes for soft spots. Wherein lies the more general appeal of Ahmadinejad, Ken & George? It is simply that on the surface they do not appear as “one of them” but as “one of us”. This cannot be imitated by more traditional leaders without their appearing like something out of the Simpsons.

Posted by: Robert H. Olley at October 30, 2006 08:26 AM
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