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December 12, 2006

Bishop Tom's Advent - by Rev'd Peter Mullen

Posted by Peter Mullen

If you go down into Crucifix Lane,
You'll get an ecclesial shock;
For Bishop Tom's epis-copped again
All under the Southwark Town clock.
He mitre been mugged, he mitre been drugged
When he entered that other bloke's car -
(This other bloke was wielding his cue
Upstairs in the Southwark Town bar).
Tom sat in the back, his jaw loose and slack
And making an unholy noise,
Wrapped up in his mac, with his feet on the rack,
And chucking out kids' Christmas toys.
As Tom vented his spleen, folk arrived on the scene
To behold this phenomenal view:
They thought it obscene, asked him,

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a bishop: this is what I do!"

Christmas time with Bishop Tom,
The Bishop of Southwark is really well away;
Hear him gaily sing along,
As he chucks the children's toys away.
At twelve o'clock his Dean and his Canons will take him off to bed
So he can write it all up on "Thought for the Day".

Rev'd Dr Peter Mullen is Rector of St Michael's, Cornhill & Chaplain to the Stock Exchange. He is the author of The Politically-Correct Gospel.

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