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November 12, 2007

The Finnish Killings: Don't blame guns - Blame liberalism, argues Christie Davies

Posted by Christie Davies

On 7th November 2007 Pekka-Eric Auvinen, an 18-year old schoolboy, went to his school in Jokela, Finland with a .22-calibre handgun and murdered eight people. Christie Davies predicts that the anti-gun lobbies will use these tragic shootings in Finland as part of their irrational crusade against gun ownership. The real causes of Finland's high murder rate are alcohol and liberalism and this particular murderer was a Bolshevik. It has nothing to do with guns.

The tragic killing of several pupils, a nurse and a teacher in a school in Jokala, Finland by a teenager has as usual set off an outcry from the anti-gun lobby. They are already screaming that Finland has the highest rate of gun ownership in Europe with 56 guns per hundred people, the third highest in the world. And of course Finland has the highest murder rate in the EU. It shows that gun controls are good. Remember Columbine and Michael Moore! Shock! Horror! No more guns!

It shows nothing of the sort. This kind of rampage killing is very rare in Finland. Finland does have a high murder rate but not because of guns. Murder is common in Finland for the same reason it is in strictly gun-controlled Scotland. It is summed up in the Finnish phrase "knife, brandy, sisu (courage)". When sober the Finns, like the Scots, are a kindly and charming if dour people, somewhat inhibited and introverted. There is a saying:

How do you tell an extravert Finn?

When he talks to you, he looks at your feet instead of his own.
It all changes when the Finns get drunk, as they frequently do. Then their inhibitions dissolve in ethanol, they become irritable and macho, get into disputes and stab one another to death. A Glaswegian would feel at home in Finland. They have a common mode of drunken comportment. "Who're yer staring at, Jummie?"

The problem is not the Finnish love of guns but their binge drinking. There is nothing wrong with loving guns, particularly in a big, empty country like Finland or Canada, where there are things to shoot. I would love guns myself but in Wales there is nothing to shoot at but sheep and they are in many senses private property. Britain's strict gun controls are an affront to liberty and have achieved nothing. Those with a genuine reason for wanting a gun for hunting or sport find it difficult or impossible to get a licence, whereas our inner city slums are awash with guns, which then get used in crime or in disputes between teenage gangsters. My advice to the Finns would be - whatever you do, don't allow a Dunblane type panic to enable control-freak civil servants and Michael Moore type liberal nutters to force through British style gun controls. Stick to your guns, Finland.

What Finland like Scotland needs is more effective restrictions on alcohol and stiffer penalties for violent crime. As I showed in my book, The Strange Death of Moral Britain, the only government measures that have ever reduced levels of violence in Britain were the stricter rules imposed on the sale of alcohol and the higher prices brought about by taxation during World War I and the 1920s. The change was particularly marked in Scotland. In World War II when many British men were issued with guns, there was no increase in indigenous gun crime.

Finland used to have strong restrictions on alcohol, which is why Finns would go to what was then called Leningrad to get drunk and later to Estonia. The Estonians, most of whom know Finnish, make fun of them. The stupid, drunken Finn is a standard figure in Estonian jokes, just as in Britain we tell jokes about……. But I didn't say that.

Now, due to pressure from the EU which has many self-interested alcohol exporting countries and an unquenchable thirst for Gleichschaltung, the Finns are being forced to dismantle their pattern of controls. Alcohol fuelled violence will get worse, just as it has done in Britain since the mad Blair abandoned the entire twentieth century British tradition of restraining drinkers. I suspect that today even wine bibbing middle-class students in Britain are apt to fight in the streets after a long evening's café culture; it is the most usual topic of complaint on my local neighbourhood watch. If we had a culture like that of the Italians, for whom getting drunk is disgraceful, or like that of the Jews, who only get drunk twice a year (at Purim and on Simchat Torah at the end of Tabernacles) and even then very decorously, we could with impunity completely derestrict the sale of alcohol, much as the sale of opium was unrestricted in Britain the early nineteenth century.

Unfortunately neither we nor the Finns nor the Eskimos have the kind of culture that can cope with unrestricted alcohol and none of these three peoples ever will. If the English and the Welsh carried knives or malkies the way they do in Finland and Scotland, we too would have a high murder rate, for we already have a very high incidence of personal violence. The boots and fists, bottles and blunt instruments of England are merely less deadly. But it has nothing to do with guns. At a Finnish dance hall you are expected to check your knife in at the entrance desk but no one takes a gun to a dance. Finland is the only country in Europe still to hold a thé dansant in the afternoon in places with Rennie Mackintosh type furniture in order to avoid drunken violence between males. But it has nothing to do with guns.

The other reason for the high incidence of violence in Britain and even more so of the high murder rate in Finland is liberalism. Violent criminals are leniently treated in Britain and in Finland a drunken murderer will in practice only serve a fairly short sentence. What is needed in both countries is to build more prisons and lock more people up. Locking up the violent for long periods of time is containment of the dangerous, deterrence and a moral statement. It is only the degenerate ideology of left-liberalism that prevents both us and even more so the Finns from doing so.

The liberals who squawk about gun control do not really care about protecting victims; if they did, they would be in favour of prisons. As it is, by saying that guns cause violence they undermine all sense of individual moral responsibility. The same is true of those who see drunkenness as mitigation when sentencing the violent. It isn't. It is an aggravating factor. Would you allow drunkenness to be mitigation in a causing death by dangerous driving case?

In Finland everyone has noticed that the murders took place, and deliberately so, on November 7th the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The killer was obsessed with Nazi and Communist violence. This man's lunatic inspiration began at the Finland station. Lenin is as much to blame for the latest murders as for the hundreds of millions of other murders carried out in his name by communists. Everyone in Britain has now forgotten about the communist murders but Finns still remember that they originally gained their independence by fighting off the Bolsheviks and nearly lost it again in 1940 when the Soviets invaded. The Finnish love of guns proved very useful at the time, for Finnish snipers in trees and gun-toting Finnish cross country skiers halted an entire Red Army with heavy tanks.

Today in Western Europe we associate terrorism with Islam and indeed Dawkins the village atheist has denounced religion because it makes people over dogmatic. Yet in the period 1960 - 1990, most terrorists in Western Europe were young Marxists. Have we already forgotten the murderous Baader-Meinhof gang/ Rote Armee Fraktion and the Italian terrorist Red Army Brigade? That is the tradition within which the Finnish killer Pekka-Eric Auvinen belongs, albeit eccentrically.

Behind all these different problems lies rotten liberalism, the ideology that teaches that bad social conditions both cause and justify violence, whether the individual drunken violence of the lower orders or the organised terrorism of those who take the "generous anger at inequality" of stupid liberals to its logical conclusion - Leninism.

It is not guns that kill people, it is liberals.

Dr Christie Davies is the author of The Strange Death of Moral Britain, a study of why Britain is such a violent place. Guns don't come into it. He once had an enjoyable time staying with friends at the Finnish criminal lunatic asylum in Kuopio.

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Are you sure you are from the U.K? I know you are welsh and that is awesome but a conservative?

Posted by: alan at November 13, 2007 02:38 AM

Well said Christie Davies. The liberals and socialist whinners blame guns, social conditions and every other possible situation for this tragedy EXCEPT Pekka-Eric Auvinen and their own failed policies.

These are the people who feel a group hug is more effective than a stiff prison sentence. Their "gun free zones" have turned into "open season on victims zones".

But I am just a reactionary Yank.

Posted by: rg at November 13, 2007 11:17 AM

As the Men of Harlech would have sung: RWYSTRO BAR YR ESTRON!, meaning “impediment to the stranger”, Estron being “strange in the sense of someone you don’t know, i.e., a stranger.” (from the Welsh Searching Lexicon).

But these soft-left-liberals are not strangers in the sense of being outlandish. Rather, they are from among our own people, but seem to have been infected by some sort of mind-virus, and become strangers to their own people. It’s not the French Revolutionary Mindpox, which considers it immoral to be moral. It is more like AIDS, in that it cripples our cultural immune system. Even now, we cannot properly fight off the Leninfungus. But the origin of this mind-virus seems to predate Soviet Communism. Neither did it originate in Africa, or in chimpanzees. But thinking of Chimpanzees, maybe the mis-appropriation of the Theory of Evolution by non-scientific miscreants in the late 19th century has something to do with it.

Posted by: Robotnik at November 13, 2007 10:24 PM

The answer lies in making the prohibition of guns more effective by random stop and search using metal detectors followed by automatic lengthy jail sentences regardless of the age of the gun wielder. Erskine Childers was executed in Ireland by the Irish Free State government merely for the posession of a firearm.
No guns should mean no guns at all

Posted by: Hilary at November 18, 2007 06:54 PM
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