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June 25, 2008

Standpoint - The July Issue

Posted by Michael Mosbacher

The July issue of Standpoint, the Social Affairs Unit's new cultural and political magazine edited by Daniel Johnson, will be on the newsstands from Thursday 26th June. Standpoint's second issue includes:

Politics: Nigel Lawson and Oliver Letwin take each other to task on climate change; Frank Field proposes a dream manifesto to Gordon Brown - or David Cameron; Douglas Murray questions the Toriesí credentials as conservatives.

International: Gerard Baker sizes up the potential for a McCain victory; Melanie Phillips attends the al Dura trial in Paris and lays bare a media conspiracy in Gaza; George Walden asks what the success of Wolf Totem says about modern China. Plus: Michael Totten on the robustly liberal Islam of Kosovo.

Satire: Tibor Fischer watches as London becomes global goulash; Daisy Waugh eavesdrops on the ecologically correct.

Media: Julie Burchill ridicules Sally Emerson & Molly Parkin for romanticising the life of women in the Gulf states; Nick Cohen tackles Jon Snow.

Business: Tim Congdon takes issue with George Sorosí pessimism.

Faith: Aidan Nichols says that a Christian society can integrate Islam better than a militantly secular one.

Arts & Letters: Exclusive extracts from Hugh Trevor-Roperís Diaries Plus: Avigdor Arikha's retrospective in Paris and Madrid.

Critics: Ian Bostridge on Mozart and TV's Sopranos

Books: Paul Wolfowitz critiques Robert Kaganís worldview. Plus: Allan Massie on Hugh Trevor-Roper, David Pryce-Jones on Mark Mazower, Caroline Moore on AndreÔ Makine, Victoria Glendinning on the Kit-Cat Club and Munro Price on Mme de StaŽl and Benjamin Constant.

Poetry: New work by Clive James.

Science: John Stein details the hysterical history of animal rights activism.

Justice: Our Mole puts the CPS on trial.

Reputations: David Watkin demolishes Norman Foster

Plus: Tim Blanning, Alain de Botton, Minette Marrin, and Eric Ormsby on how to read the Koran.

Michael Mosbacher is Director of the Social Affairs Unit and Managing Editor of Standpoint.

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