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October 29, 2008

Sixth Issue of Standpoint, the Social Affairs Unit's new cultural and political monthly - Out Now

Posted by Michael Mosbacher

30th October sees the publication of the sixth issue of Standpoint, the Social Affairs Unit's new cultural and political monthly.

Society: Philip Booth analyses the looming spectre of Grey Power, the growing political influence of a burgeoning elderly constituency; Douglas Murray and Denis MacShane on freedom of speech, The Jewel of Medina, and Holocaust-denial; Standpoint's Mole inside a British prison.

Politics: Amir Taheri fights back against the underhanded tactics of the Obama campaign of which he was a victim; Midge Decter is bemused by the hostile feminist reaction to the prospect of a female vice-president, and Melanie Phillips laments the fashion for appeasement.

International: Michael Burleigh investigates the growing problem of sea piracy; Shiraz Maher looks at the past and the future of al-Qaeda in the wake of recent schisms in its leadership; Edward Lucas considers how the West should respond to a resurgent Russia.

Culture: Clive James on Denis Healey; Rick Jones on WG Sebald; Nick Cohen reviews Simon Schama's The American Future; Conrad Black assesses the relationship between Americans and the British monarchy; Ian Bostridge celebrates Schubert's last songs, plus a short story by Carlo Gébler.

Economy: Internationally renowned commentators Sir Samuel Brittan and Edward Hadas debate the moral questions raised by the current financial turmoil, and Tim Congdon blames "super-banks" for our economic woes.

Modern Life: Alain de Botton has plans to reinvigorate the art of conversation; Jonathan Foreman reports from New York as the Dow collapses, and Anthony Daniels is saddened by the death of traditional gravestones.

Science: Mark Ronan wants to stop "new maths" being taught in schools, and thinks every pupil should learn from Euclid, the neglected father of geometry.

Plus: Nick Cohen, Minette Marrin, Sarah Vine, Roger Kimball and many more.

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