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December 19, 2008

January Issue of Standpoint, the Social Affairs Unit's new cultural and political monthly - Out Now

Posted by Michael Mosbacher

The January issue of Standpoint - the Social Affairs Unit's new cultural and political monthly - is out now.

Uncle Vlad's bearhug
"Germany's relationship with Putin's Russia is the most puzzling and troubling feature of modern European politics."
Edward Lucas launches a sustained critique of the leading German commentator Michael Stuermer’s sympathetic portrait of Vladimir Putin.

The Siege of Mumbai
Jonathan Foreman gives an in-depth, eye-witness account of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, exposing the incompetence and complacency of the authorities.

Set Text Nightmare
Susan Hill, whose books are prescribed GCSE texts, describes how she has been inundated with emails from students asking to be spoonfed the "answers".

From Wagner to Winehouse
Ian Bostridge and Tim Blanning discuss the music industry’s delusions of grandeur.

Crack-up in Caracas
Vanessa Neumann reports from her native Venezuela, ruined by Hugo Chávez.

On Becoming English
Ex-Muslim writer Ibn Warraq describes the early years of his life in India, Pakistan and England, revealing how he came to terms with life as an apostate.

Plus: Simon Hoggart, Joseph Epstein and Alexander Chancellor on comedy.

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