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November 09, 2012 Those who support European integration should support British separation from Europe - argues Brendan Simms
April 24, 2012 Europe's Northern Flank: Brendan Simms ponders Norway's security dilemmas
March 23, 2012 Ireland and its neutrality in World War II - Ireland is only now coming to terms with its historical mistake, argues Brendan Simms
March 16, 2012 The Falkland Islands - Brendan Simms suggests a way forward
February 17, 2012 A clever device - Brendan Simms argues that the pill of dementia allows the audience to swallow a much larger draught of Thatcherite ideology: The Iron Lady - Phyllida Lloyd
February 16, 2012 An appeal to the people of Greece: the current crisis shows why Europe needs full political and economic union - and Greece has a unique opportunity in leading the way to achieve this, or so argues Brendan Simms
January 06, 2012 Topographies of Terror: Brendan Simms visits two new museums in Berlin memorialising dictatorship and its victims
December 16, 2011 French Opportunism and European Opportunities: Brendan Simms argues that Britain must encourage the rest of Europe to establish a complete political union - and build a new global architecture
December 09, 2011 We are not entering a Pacific Century, merely a Pacific Phase - argues Brendan Simms
December 09, 2011 Brendan Simms asks, is it always right to resist? Is it always wrong to collaborate? Resistance - Amit Gupta
November 07, 2011 If the Euro is to be saved there must be a simultaneous referendum in every country of the Eurozone - argues Brendan Simms
September 19, 2011 HMS Dauntless - the new dreadnought: For it to be effective Britain's auxiliary fleet must be overhauled, argues Brendan Simms
September 09, 2011 Democracy can be dropped from 10,000 feet - says Cambridge history Professor Brendan Simms
August 17, 2011 Libya: mission (being) accomplished - Brendan Simms looks forward to the fall of Gaddafi
August 15, 2011 Brendan Simms considers the morality of remembering - and forgetting: Sarah's Key - Gilles Paquet-Brenner
June 27, 2011 Much Ado About Nothing: Brendan Simms explains why A C Grayling's venture will not even be an Oxbridge rejects college and argues that what is needed is a privately-funded Free College of London
May 10, 2011 The Royal Wedding and Scottish Nationalism: Brendan Simms on why the Royal Wedding was lost as an opportunity to reinforce the union
November 22, 2010 The UN Human Rights Council: its only saving grace is that it is ineffective, argues Brendan Simms
July 09, 2010 Brendan Simms asks, did Terence Rattigan try to suppress After the Dance because it was too revealing about his affair with Chips Channon? Terence Rattigan's After the Dance at the National
June 08, 2010 Dresden has had its fill of Nazi Macbeths and Communist Macduffs and are glad to be shot of both: Brendan Simms goes to hear Verdi's Macbeth in Dresden
June 04, 2010 The Gaza Flotilla incident has exposed the Israeli armed forces to something even more deadly than hatred: ridicule, argues Brendan Simms
June 02, 2010 The Coalition: Brendan Simms fear that - in terms of foreign policy - we may end up with Nick Clegg's brains and David Cameron's looks
June 02, 2010 The Empire is not as predictable a play about Afghanistan as you might expect from the Royal Court, argues Brendan Simms: D. C. Moore's The Empire at the Royal Court
May 04, 2010 Nick Clegg: Don't mention the wars (except Iraq) - Brendan Simms argues that Mr Clegg's deterrent will simply not deter
May 04, 2010 Our Lady's Mantle: Brendan Simms offers a personal perspective on the General Election
April 19, 2010 In the case against former Bosnian Vice-President Ejup Ganic, war crimes legislation is being used by perpetrators of genocide to prosecute a victim of genocide - argues Brendan Simms
March 04, 2010 Appeasement, Croatia and the Left: Brendan Simms remembers an encounter with Michael Foot
March 04, 2010 Let us start by sacking all the international lawyers - Brendan Simms on the Iraq Inquiry
March 04, 2010 Bruckner's bleak work shows not so much the futility of bourgeois life, as the futility of trying to escape it, argues Brendan Simms: Pains of Youth - Ferdinand Bruckner in a new version by Martin Crimp
February 04, 2010 Mass. Movement? Towards a Coalition for a (new) Republican Majority - Brendan Simms sketches out a strategy
January 05, 2010 Farthing wise, pound foolish: Brendan Simms argues that universities would do better cutting academic salaries - especially those of Vice-Chancellors - than closing excellent departments
December 07, 2009 An anti-semitic Fledermaus in Berlin? Brendan Simms on Johann Strauss's Die Fledermaus at the Staatsoper Unter Den Linden, Berlin
November 27, 2009 A Europhile becomes disillusioned: Brendan Simms on why Mr Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton are not up to meeting the threats facing the West
November 11, 2009 No he won't - Brendan Simms on how Barack Obama has reneged on his election promises
November 03, 2009 Alternative Hsitory as Opera: Brendan Simms on John Corigliano's The Ghosts of Versailles
October 26, 2009 Devolution and National Security: Brendan Simms considers the constitutional implications of the Megrahi case
September 07, 2009 Brendan Simms on a work whose time has come: The Black Album - Hanif Kureishi
March 19, 2009 The importance of being Ernesto: Che: Part One & Part Two - Steven Soderbergh
March 06, 2009 Brendan Simms on Israel's first "Vietnam" film: Waltz With Bashir - Ari Folman
February 27, 2009 Brendan Simms on the geopolitical consequences of the slump - Or why we will soon know if the EU has a future
February 27, 2009 How historically accurate is Valkyrie? Brendan Simms on Valkyrie - Bryan Singer
January 20, 2009 How is it possible to support Israel (over Gaza)? Brendan Simms explains why he remains a staunch defender of Israel and its actions in Gaza
November 07, 2008 An authoritative history of a country made up almost entirely of border strips and thus shaped by European geopolitics: Croatia Through History: The making of a European state - Branka Magas
September 19, 2008 John McCain's wing(wo)man and "she will do": Brendan Simms on why Sarah Palin is John McCain's secret foreign policy weapon
August 26, 2008 Georgia - Russia is more vulnerable than many think, argues Brendan Simms
August 13, 2008 Brendan Simms asks, couldn't James Bond be doing more in the War on Terror? For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond at the Imperial War Museum
July 23, 2008 Israel should stop compromising with terrorism - argues Brendan Simms
June 02, 2008 Bato Tomasevic's life encapsulates the twentieth century in the Balkans, says Brendan Simms: Life and Death in the Balkans: A family saga in a century of conflict - Bato Tomasevic
May 15, 2008 Brendan Simms uncovers the hidden neoconservatism of Martin Crimp - and is reminded that it sometimes takes a general: Martin Crimp's Cruel and Tender
April 28, 2008 Treason in a Cold Climate: Brendan Simms on the treason of Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess and why it matters
March 19, 2008 The Long Good Friday: Brendan Simms reassesses the United States' role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process
February 28, 2008 Obama's nemesis: Brendan Simms explains how The Deer Hunter and Hannah and Her Sisters hold the key to the US elections
February 20, 2008 Brendan Simms on how McCain can beat Obama: reaching out to "McCain Democrats" and ignoring the conservative base
February 12, 2008 John Buchan - the author of Thirty-Nine Steps, Greenmantle and Mr Standfast - has much to tell us about the problems facing the world today, argues Brendan Simms
February 04, 2008 The McCain Insurgency: John McCain will win on Super-Tuesday and will be the next President of the United States, argues Brendan Simms
January 31, 2008 Tree-Huggers and Hawks Unite: Brendan Simms explains how we can simultaneously fight terrorism and save the planet
January 22, 2008 John McCain: next leader of the free world? Brendan Simms argues that John McCain will be the next President of the United States - because he is the toughest nut in town
October 09, 2007 Whatever the likes of Paul Craig Roberts and Claes G. Ryn might believe, today's Neoconservatives are the heirs to Burke not Robespierre, argues Brendan Simms
October 03, 2007 Petraeus and the Iraqi Surge: Brendan Simms asks, is Petraeus a Montgomery or a Manstein?
September 21, 2007 Richard Cussands's new play Charity Wars is too grim even for those who have a jaundiced view of international aid, argues Brendan Simms - Richard Cussands's Charity Wars at the Pleasance Theatre, Islington
September 21, 2007 We need Prussia even if the Germans don't - argues Brendan Simms
August 22, 2007 Martin Samuel is wrong to say that John Reid should be sent to Helmand - Brendan Simms explains why it is nonsense to argue that politicians who support military action should be sent to the front-line themselves
July 19, 2007 Opera and the Bosnian War - Brendan Simms enjoys an Operatic Parable about the Bosnian War: Nigel Osborne's Differences in Demolition at Wilton's Music Hall, London
July 05, 2007 Reconciliation between black and black in South Africa: Nothing but the Truth - John Kani
June 18, 2007 Brendan Simms finds that Kurt Weill's political propaganda does not work when it is done for laughs - even if it is translated by Rory Bremner: Kurt Weill's Der Silbersee at the Wexford Festival Opera
May 15, 2007 We urgently need a Democratic Nixon Doctrine, argues Brendan Simms - as a first step we must form a "Democratic League" of the United States, India and the democracies of the European Union
May 08, 2007 When Mother Teresa met Captain Bob: The Bargain - Ian Curteis
April 23, 2007 Brendan Simms tries his hand at being a secret agent: The Science of Spying at the Science Museum
March 26, 2007 Of Unions and threats: Brendan Simms examines the historical evidence and argues that, unlike the European Union, all previous successful political unions have been based on a common fear of an outside threat - not on economics
September 25, 2006 Who will review the reviewers? Brendan Simms comes to the defence of Michael Gove over a hostile review of Celsius 7/7 in the Sunday Times
September 13, 2006 Is David Cameron the man who opposed the Iraq war before he supported it (and then - sort of - opposed it again)? - asks Brendan Simms
August 24, 2006 Hezbollah have suffered a setback (but are too clever to admit it) and the Israelis have scored a long-term success (but are too narrow-minded to realise it) - argues Brendan Simms
July 28, 2006 What is the Henry Jackson Society?
June 28, 2006 The amnesty plan for Iraqi insurgents is a victory for the coalition, not a concession - argues Brendan Simms
May 25, 2006 Southern comfort for the Stop the War Coalition: Brendan Simms on the reactionary roots of anti-interventionist thought
March 28, 2006 "The Israel Lobby": Why John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt are wrong about United States Middle East policy and its motivations - Brendan Simms offers a "realist" response to their LRB article
March 16, 2006 Slobodan Milosevic, International Justice and the United States: For all its opposition to an International Criminal Court, the United States is the only guarantor of International Justice - Brendan Simms explains why
January 25, 2006 David Cameron's foreign policy: three steps forward, two steps backward - Brendan Simms asks, Is David Cameron returning to the discredited positions of the Major years?
December 20, 2005 David Cameron supports a neoconservative foreign policy - argues Brendan Simms
December 07, 2005 Towards a New Geopolitics for the Balkans - Brendan Simms, author of Unfinest Hour, proposes a way forward
November 01, 2005 Iron Tears: Rebellion in America - Stanley Weintraub
September 05, 2005 Iraq: what matters is the dropping of pennies, not of bombs
August 18, 2005 Brendan Simms asks, why do British Muslims give the United States no credit for liberating Bosnia and Kosovo?
July 07, 2005 An Alternative Strategy for Iraq: let the forces of Iraqi Democracy combat the insurgency
June 07, 2005 The Case for a European Superpower under British Leadership: why Britain now has the opportunity to become the Prussia of European unification with Blair as its Bismarck
May 09, 2005 Why George W. Bush is more right than Lawrence of Arabia: An interim balance sheet of the democratic project in the Middle East
March 08, 2005 Building and Ending States: The Limits of Carl Bildt's Analysis
January 24, 2005 The Iraqi "Passivstance" - or why we need Shia Democracy
December 01, 2004 The Future of the Ukraine: a tale of three paradigms
November 10, 2004 Now for some Jacksonian Democracy - a sensible Foreign Policy for the Democrats

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