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Jeremy Black (152 posts)

March 31, 2011 To Libya via Paris - Jeremy Black reflects on tyrants, no-fly zones, British vivas and French defences
March 31, 2011 Universities, Fees, and Students: an Opportunity Missed, says Jeremy Black
March 17, 2011 The Primacy of Foreign Policy in British History, 1660-2000: How Strategic Concerns Shaped Modern Britain - (ed.) William Mulligan and Brendan Simms
March 12, 2010 A first-rate book which doesn't do what it says on the tin: Abolition: A History of Slavery and Antislavery - Seymour Drescher
March 16, 2009 A historian asks, is the Home Secretary a crook?
March 16, 2009 Rumours - Northern Rock: Jeremy Black asks, what did Gordon Brown know and when did he know it?
March 14, 2009 The BBC, the National Emergency and Fiscal Stimulus: Jeremy Black proposes cutting the license fee to boost the economy
March 09, 2009 Mexico - Jeremy Black asks, is this the future for the British army?
February 24, 2009 Re-affirming the uniqueness of the Holocaust: Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution - Ian Kershaw
December 17, 2008 The reviewers are wrong, Quantum of Solace works well as a Bond film, argues Jeremy Black: The Quantum of Solace - Marc Forster
November 27, 2008 Klaus Dodds's Geopolitics is high on partisan comment but low on historical analysis, argues Jeremy Black: Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction - Klaus Dodds
September 22, 2008 Sacrificing the Prime Minister - Or what Carl Larsson's Midwinter Sacrifice tells us about the coming demise of Gordon Brown
August 14, 2008 Of Saints and Examinees: Jeremy Black on grade inflation
July 22, 2008 Fareed Zakaria's latest book illustrates why it is so difficult to write intelligently about the future, argues Jeremy Black: The Post-American World - Fareed Zakaria
July 01, 2008 The fact that a book as bad as Human Smoke can get as much attention as it has tells us what is wrong with publishing today, argues Jeremy Black: Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II and the End of Civilization - Nicholson Baker
June 24, 2008 Portillo's Patter: An Audience with Michael Portillo
June 23, 2008 The Times History of London, 5th Edition - (Ed.) Hugh Clout
June 13, 2008 Meals and the Travelling Scholar: Jeremy Black visits the Azores
June 11, 2008 The latest James Bond reminds Jeremy Black of the pleasures of a hot chocolate and not those of a strong drink on the edge: Devil May Care - Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming
May 27, 2008 Robert Kagan does that all too rare thing - offer a popular history which does not ignore the complexities, argues Jeremy Black: Dangerous Nation: America and the World, 1600-1898 - Robert Kagan
May 19, 2008 A perfect present for a military buff: The Waterloo Companion - Mark Adkin
May 13, 2008 War and Business: What are the similarities? What are the differences? Jeremy Black makes some suggestions
May 06, 2008 The Writing of the Grand Tour - Jeremy Black considers eighteenth century travel writing
January 18, 2008 Like so much work on historiography, John Burrow's A History of Histories is a disappointment, argues Jeremy Black: A History of Histories - John Burrow
January 17, 2008 Jeremy Black asks, what was Napoleon's legacy? Napoleon's Wars: An International History, 1803-1815 - Charles Esdaile
January 16, 2008 Jeremy Black reviews recent work in Military and International History: The First Total War - David Bell; Great Power Strategy in Asia - Jonathan Bailey; Victory in War - William C. Martel
December 07, 2007 After seeing Niall Ferguson's puff, Jeremy Black is surprised to find he likes and admires Bernard Wasserstein's history of Europe since 1914: Barbarism and Civilization: A History of Europe in our Time - Bernard Wasserstein
December 07, 2007 Max Hastings calls for Japanese repentance over World War II - but Jeremy Black finds few signs that the call will be heeded: Nemesis: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45 - Max Hastings
November 26, 2007 A competent and interesting guide to the history of hunting: Blood Sport: Hunting in Britain since 1066 - Emma Griffin
October 03, 2007 Why teach military history? Jeremy Black explains why military history still matters
October 03, 2007 Jeremy Black asks, will the postal strike scupper plans for a general election?
July 23, 2007 The Problems of being a Conservative Academic: Jeremy Black considers the challenges faced by a conservative Professor in the UK
July 23, 2007 Jeremy Black asks, is Andrew Marr a very good thing? History of Modern Britain - Andrew Marr
June 14, 2007 Boycotts, Israel, Trade Unions and Labour
June 12, 2007 Recent books on Twentieth-Century Europe - reviewed by Jeremy Black
March 07, 2007 We can learn much about the past by looking at changes in portraiture, argues Jeremy Black: Citizens and Kings: Portraits in the Age of Revolution, 1760 - 1830 at the Royal Academy
March 01, 2007 Peter Riddell and "Committed Comedians"
March 01, 2007 Devon Pensioners and the Political Process
February 28, 2007 Religious Polemics: Jeremy Black argues that William Rees-Mogg is wrong about religion
February 28, 2007 Olympics and the Dome: Jeremy Black on why the Tories should attack the government over its financial incompetence
February 20, 2007 In Memoriam: The Holocaust - Jeremy Black on the Holocaust
February 20, 2007 In Memoriam: World War Two, 1939 - 1945 - Jeremy Black on World War Two - Part Two
February 20, 2007 In Memoriam: World War Two, 1939 - 1945 - Jeremy Black on World War Two - Part One
February 20, 2007 In Memoriam: World War One - Jeremy Black on World War One - Part Two
February 20, 2007 In Memoriam: World War One - Jeremy Black on World War One - Part One
February 05, 2007 Walpole and Corruption: The Great Man: The Life and Times of Sir Robert Walpole - Edward Pearce
February 01, 2007 The Kennedy Thesis Considered: Jeremy Black reconsiders Paul Kennedy's Rise and Fall of the Great Powers
January 30, 2007 Ungovernable in Devon: looting on Devon beaches bodes ill for civic peace, argues Jeremy Black
January 30, 2007 Cardinals for Polygamy: Or why it is unreasonable to make exemptions from the law for any group on the basis of their strong convictions
January 19, 2007 Eurosceptics for Cameron: Jeremy Black argues that Eurosceptics should support the Conservatives, not UKIP
January 15, 2007 Shots in the Night and the Cycling RDA: News from Devon
January 15, 2007 Ruth Kelly, Helping Children, and University Access
January 15, 2007 Gordon Brown and the Prisons
January 11, 2007 Dead Meat and Cabinet Connivance - Corruption and the Body Politic: Jeremy Black compares the corruption of the Walpole years with the corruption of the Blair years
January 09, 2007 Is Daniel Craig a convincing Bond? Noted Bond-watcher Jeremy Black offers his judgement: Casino Royale - Martin Campbell
January 08, 2007 Military Discontents: the government needs to do better and the generals should shut up, argues Jeremy Black
January 03, 2007 War and Guilt - The Case of World War II: The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 - Jörg Friedrich
December 20, 2006 Stalin's appeasement of Hitler was much worse than that of Britain or France, argues Jeremy Black: June 1941: Hitler and Stalin - John Lukacs
December 20, 2006 Differing Paths to Industrialisation: The Path Not Taken: French Industrialisation in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1830 - Jeff Horn
December 20, 2006 The Causes, Course and Outcomes of World War Two - John Plowright
December 18, 2006 Could the British Government Learn from the Past? Using History, Making British Policy: The Treasury and the Foreign Office, 1950-76 - Peter Beck
December 04, 2006 The Battle of Leyte Gulf: The Last Fleet Action - H.P. Willmott
December 04, 2006 Empire and War: The British Empire and the Second World War - Ashley Jackson
December 04, 2006 The Protestant Interest: Britain, Hanover and the Protestant Interest, 1688-1756 - Andrew C. Thompson
November 30, 2006 Edmund Burke, a New Life: Edmund Burke, Volume II: 1784-1797 - F. P. Lock
November 30, 2006 A History of War: War in Human Civilization - Azar Gat
November 30, 2006 The March of History
November 21, 2006 On seeing the Mousetrap for the first time and other confessions of a misspent middle age
November 21, 2006 American Tours: Jeremy Black reflects on the changing face of US politics and what it means for British conservatives
November 14, 2006 Military Leadership: Jeremy Black considers the different qualities required for tactical, operational, and strategic military leadership
September 27, 2006 World War One at Sea - the first major battle: The Battle of Heligoland Bight - Eric W. Osborne
September 20, 2006 What is Military History? - Stephen Morillo with Michael F. Pavkovic
September 20, 2006 Queens in History: Queenship in Europe 1660-1815: The Role of the Consort - (Ed.) Clarissa Campbell Orr
September 11, 2006 What makes Great Lives: Emma Hamilton - Julie Peakman
September 11, 2006 History and War: The Past as Prologue: The Importance of History to the Military Profession - (Eds.) Williamson Murray and R. H. Sinnreich
September 11, 2006 Ending World War Two in Europe: Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45 - Max Hastings
September 01, 2006 A New History of Prussia: The Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947 - Christopher Clark
September 01, 2006 The Origins of the Modern University: Academic Charisma and the Origins of the Research University - William Clark
August 29, 2006 Making a world safe for Whigs - Revisiting the Glorious Revolution: Patrick Dillon, Tim Harris and Edward Vallance on the Glorious Revolution
August 24, 2006 German Scholars on World War II: Germany and the Second World War, vol. VII: The Strategic Air War in Europe and the War in the West and East Asia 1943-1945 - Horst Boog, Gerhard Krebs and Detlef Vogel
August 24, 2006 The Development of the British Army: An Apprenticeship in Arms: The Origins of the British Army 1585-1702 - Roger Manning
August 23, 2006 Rebellion in Britain: 1715: The Great Jacobite Rebellion - Daniel Szechi
August 23, 2006 Asymmetric Conflict: How the Weak Win Wars: A Theory of Asymmetric Conflict - Ivan Arreguín-Toft
July 27, 2006 A Time of Transformation: A Mad, Bad, and Dangerous People? England 1783-1846 - Boyd Hilton
July 27, 2006 Whig Milieux: The Whig World, 1760-1837 - Leslie Mitchell
July 27, 2006 The Politics of Monarchy: Georgian Monarchy, Politics and Culture, 1714-1760 - Hannah Smith
July 27, 2006 The Character of British Imperialism - An Instructive Episode : Negotiating for Georgia: British-Creek Relations in the Trustee Era, 1733-1752 - Julie Anne Sweet
July 24, 2006 The History of Diplomats: The Ambassadors: From Ancient Greece to the Nation State - Jonathan Wright
July 24, 2006 Criticising Empire: Imperialism and the Corruption of Democracies - Herman Lebovics
June 27, 2006 Ending Atlantic Slavery: Jeremy Black on the ending of the Atlantic Slave Trade in the Nineteenth Century
June 27, 2006 Apologising for the Past? Jeremy Black explores the Eighteenth Century Atlantic Slave Trade
June 26, 2006 The Atlantic Slave Trade in the Seventeenth Century: Jeremy Black considers the expansion of the Atlantic Slave Trade during the Seventeenth Century
June 26, 2006 The Beginnings of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Jeremy Black explains how and why the Atlantic Slave Trade came to develop
June 12, 2006 An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Europe - Ivan T. Berend
June 07, 2006 Rethinking Nineteenth Century Europe: A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Europe, 1789-1914 - (Ed.) Stefan Berger
May 31, 2006 The Book Trade and the Press
May 30, 2006 The Problems of Biography: The Case of George III
May 18, 2006 Blair's Resignation Honours List - Jeremy Black proposes a competition
May 17, 2006 Mapping the City: The Language and Culture of Cartography in the Renaissance - Naomi Miller
May 17, 2006 Captain Cook Reconsidered: Captain Cook: Explorations and Reassessments - (Ed.) Glyndwr Williams
May 16, 2006 Experimental History: Experiments in Rethinking History - (Eds.) Alun Munslow and Robert Rosenstone
May 16, 2006 British Exceptionalism: Exceptionalism and Industrialisation: Britain and its European Rivals, 1688-1815 - (Ed.) Leandro Prados de la Escosura
May 09, 2006 Writing Empire: A New Imperial History: Culture, Identity and Modernity in Britain and the Empire 1660-1840 - (Ed.) Kathleen Wilson
May 09, 2006 American history through Naval Battles: Decision at Sea: Five Naval Battles that Shaped American History - Craig L. Symonds
April 26, 2006 The Enlightenment and Religion: The Myths of Modernity - S. J. Barnett
April 24, 2006 Mr Blair Goes to Pentonville: Jeremy Black considers what Blair's reputation will be among future historians
April 19, 2006 The Global and Total Dimensions of World War Two: A World at Total War: Global Conflict and the Politics of Destruction, 1937-1945 - (Eds.) Roger Chickering, Stig Forster and Bernd Greiner
April 19, 2006 What Type of State? Warfare State: Britain, 1920-1970 - David Edgerton
April 05, 2006 The trouble with histories of a single product: Gunpowder - Jack Kelly
April 05, 2006 A Contentious Royal Link: The King's Wife: George IV and Mrs Fitzherbert - Valerie Irvine
April 05, 2006 The Trouble with Penguin: Singapore Burning - Colin Smith
April 05, 2006 Travel and Theory: Voyages and Visions - (Eds.) Jas Elsner and Joan-Pau Rubiés
March 30, 2006 The Problems of Future War: Another Bloody Century: Future Warfare - Colin Gray
March 23, 2006 Europe since 1945 - Jeremy Black is still awaiting a conservative history of Postwar Europe: Europe's Troubled Peace 1945-2000 - Tom Buchanan; Postwar: A History of Europe since 1945 - Tony Judt
March 20, 2006 When Spies Got it Right: Spies in Uniform: British Military and Naval Intelligence on the Eve of the First World War - Matthew S. Seligmann
March 16, 2006 After Versailles: The Lights That Failed: European International History, 1919-1933 - Zara Steiner
March 16, 2006 The Development of English Political Culture: Representation and Misrepresentation in Later Stuart Britain: Partisanship and Political Culture - Mark Knights
March 13, 2006 What can British policy-makers learn from studying the American university system?
February 23, 2006 The Mismapping of America - Seymour Schwartz
February 23, 2006 The Mapmakers' Quest: Depicting New Worlds in Renaissance Europe - David Buisseret
February 23, 2006 Mapping Armenia: Historic Maps of Armenia: The Cartographic Heritage - Rouben Galichian
February 14, 2006 An arresting work - if OUP didn't insist on over-pricing its books: Christianity and Social Service in Modern Britain: The Disinherited Spirit - Frank Prochaska
February 10, 2006 How should conservatives react to media censorship? Jeremy Black considers the case of the politicisation of the press in Hanoverian England
February 02, 2006 A Duty of Care: Labour and the Failure of Responsible Government
January 27, 2006 Why the West Lothian Question may become the key issue at the next general election, argues Jeremy Black
January 23, 2006 Recent Twentieth Century and Post-War world histories: Jeremy Black asks, do they pass the Tunisia Test?
January 20, 2006 The Commerce of Cartography: Making and Marketing Maps in Eighteenth-Century France and England - Mary Sponberg Pedley
January 20, 2006 Rhumb Lines and Map Wars: A Social History of the Mercator Projection - Mark Monmonier
January 17, 2006 Medicine and Victory: British Military Medicine in the Second World War - Mark Harrison
January 17, 2006 Violence in London: The London Mob: Violence and Disorder in Eighteenth-Century England - Robert Shoemaker
January 13, 2006 Jacob Burckhardt's Social and Political Thought - Richard Sigurdson
January 13, 2006 A key liberal thinker: The Abbé Grégoire and the French Revolution: The Making of Modern Universalism - Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall
January 11, 2006 Film and History: Past and Present: National Identity and the British Historical Film - James Chapman
December 20, 2005 The Guardsmen, Napoleon and the British, and Finest and Darkest Hours - Jeremy Black recommends three recent history books for Christmas
December 19, 2005 The Falklands Revisited: The Official History of the Falklands Campaign - Lawrence Freedman
December 06, 2005 Selling Out Students? The EU's plans for the "harmonisation" of higher education
November 25, 2005 Reading James Bond - Ian Fleming and James Bond: The Cultural Politics of 007
November 17, 2005 Politics Today: Jeremy Black on what the Conservative Party must do if it is to have a serious chance of forming the next government
November 15, 2005 Harold Pinter and the Incredible Emptiness of Meaning
October 25, 2005 What Drives History?: Jeremy Black argues that historiography is too obsessed with academic disputes and pays too little attention to public history
October 18, 2005 George Washington's False Teeth - Robert Darnton
October 17, 2005 The Conservatives and the Universities: why Conservative opposition to univerisity tuition fees is wrong
October 13, 2005 Jeremy Black on Prospect, Public Intellectuals, and the Fancy of the List
October 04, 2005 Desperately Selling Schama - or the Historian as Soap Powder
September 06, 2005 Jeremy Black on Maurice Cowling
August 31, 2005 Death and the Politician: the problem with obituaries
August 18, 2005 Terrorism and the Military Historian
August 04, 2005 A Crisis of Conservative Thought: The Hopes and Fears of Arthur Bryant
July 26, 2005 The Victorians at War - (Ed.) Ian Beckett
July 25, 2005 The Mediterranean in the Ancient World - Fernand Braudel
June 14, 2005 America: the recent history - Blumenthal, Dallek, Ferguson & Zinn
May 31, 2005 A Youth of Destiny: William Hague on William Pitt the Younger

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