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Peter Mullen (34 posts)

December 12, 2006 Bishop Tom's Advent - by Rev'd Peter Mullen
December 05, 2006 Bishops and the Bomb: Rev'd Peter Mullen argues that when the Bishops come out against renewing Trident we can be sure that it is necessary
December 05, 2006 Peter Mullen thought we had apologised for slavery - two hundred years ago
September 25, 2006 The Politically-Correct Gospel: Rev'd Peter Mullen explains why he felt compelled to update the gospels for the modern age
September 20, 2006 "Don't you dare say that Islam is an aggressive and violent religion - and if you do, we'll kill you" - Peter Mullen considers the Muslim reaction to the Pope's speech at the University of Regensburg
July 25, 2006 The moral weight of the Archbishop of Canterbury…. Rev'd Peter Mullen explains why Rowan Williams has no moral authority when speaking about Israel
July 11, 2006 Useful idiots: the twenty Church of England Bishop's who called on Britain not to renew Trident are "useful idiots", argues Rev'd Peter Mullen
June 20, 2006 The paranoid inescapability of the Footie…
May 24, 2006 Faithful Cities and Faithless Churches: Peter Mullen - Chaplain to the Stock Exchange - reads the Church of England's Faithful Cities report and finds outdated socialism dressed up as Christianity
May 18, 2006 Da Vinci Ballyhoo: Why Rev'd Peter Mullen will be going to see The Da Vinci Code
April 13, 2006 The Beckett Centenary: Why Peter Mullen can't join the adulation
March 29, 2006 Lies and Paranoia in Bishopthorpe Palace: The Archbishop's Press Officer and "Institutional Racism"
February 07, 2006 Caterpillar Tractors, Israel and the General Synod of the Church of England: Why the General Synod was wrong to vote for disinvestment
February 01, 2006 Why do traditional Anglicans oppose the ordination of women bishops? Rev'd Dr Peter Mullen explains
January 09, 2006 The Root of All Evil? - Peter Mullen takes issue with Richard Dawkins
November 30, 2005 Rev'd Dr Peter Mullen reflects on the enthronement of Archbishop Sentamu, the Macpherson Inquiry and japing Bishops
November 21, 2005 What the Archbishop of Canterbury should be saying on his visit to Pakistan: stop the persecution of Christians
October 04, 2005 The Future of the Tories - or Stealing Mr Blair's Clothes
September 28, 2005 Looking for a new Diocesan Secretary - or searching for the Archbishop's new Management Network Co-Ordinator?
September 20, 2005 Send the Bishops to Baghdad - says Rev'd Dr Peter Mullen
August 05, 2005 With my body I thee don't worship… - Celibate Civil Partnerships and the Church of England
July 11, 2005 The London Bombings: the response of a City of London vicar
June 28, 2005 Peter Mullen welcomes the appointment of Archbishop Sentamu
May 13, 2005 Tsunami 2004: A Service of Remembrance - The Sentimentalisation of Compassion
April 22, 2005 The Reasonableness of Pope Benedict XVI
April 12, 2005 Why Catholics and non-Catholics alike should be thankful for Pope John Paul the Great
March 24, 2005 Spring Weddings and Modern Vows
March 08, 2005 Why the date of Easter should not be fixed
February 25, 2005 Peter Mullen on Growing Older
February 11, 2005 Peter Mullen vs. A. N. Wilson
January 06, 2005 God and the Tsunami: why the Archbishop of Canterbury's spiritual response to the disaster is wrong
December 24, 2004 Have yourself a merry (unbelieving) Christmas...
November 26, 2004 The Church of England and Ethical Investment
October 18, 2004 Women Bishops and the coming split in the Church of England

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