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October 15, 2009 The best one-volume general history of the Second World War now available: The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War - Andrew Roberts
January 30, 2009 Gaza Aid, the BBC, and Early Day Motions: William D. Rubinstein analyses British attitudes to Israel, post-Gaza
January 13, 2009 The Gaza conflict shows us how much of the British left has entered into the most unholy alliance since the Nazi-Soviet pact, argues William D. Rubinstein
December 17, 2008 William D. Rubinstein on the Enigma of Franco: Churchill and Spain - Richard Wigg; The Spanish Right and the Jews - Isabelle Rohr
December 02, 2008 An important and valuable book let down by too many errors: We Danced All Night: A social history of Britain between the wars - Martin Pugh
November 11, 2008 The American Election and the Obama "landslide": William D. Rubinstein asks, landslide - what landslide?
September 18, 2008 The Triumph of the Very Rich? William D. Rubinstein on why the TUC are wrong about the very wealthy
June 19, 2008 David Davis's Resignation: To talk of Magna Carta in relation to 42-day detention is pure codswallop - if King John and his Barons were threatened by terrorist attacks, these attackers would unquestionably have been hanged, drawn, and quartered
June 12, 2008 Cryptozoology's Cryptic Creatures: William D. Rubinstein asks, why do seemingly sane people believe in Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures?
May 14, 2008 Gordon Brown - will he keep going down? Asks William D. Rubinstein
April 15, 2008 William D. Rubinstein on how the leading leftist Israeli historian changed his mind: 1948: The First Arab-Israeli War - Benny Morris
March 13, 2008 William D. Rubinstein on Hugh Trevor-Roper's strange friendship with Bernard Berenson: Letters from Oxford: Hugh Trevor-Roper to Bernard Berenson - (Ed.) Richard Davenport-Hines
February 20, 2008 William D. Rubinstein on the trouble with Africa's rulers: The Trouble With Africa: Why Foreign Aid Isn't Working - Robert Calderisi
January 10, 2008 Gordon Brown: Down and Out? So It Seems - argues William D. Rubinstein
December 04, 2007 Archbishop Rowan Williams and the Issues of the Day: A New "Red Dean of Canterbury"?
November 14, 2007 Arthur Schlesinger was a liberal mugged by reality - but unlike other mugged liberals he was still hoping to find a new FDR over the horizon, argues William D. Rubinstein: Journals 1952-2000 - Arthur M. Schlesinger
October 25, 2007 That the University and College Union voted to boycott Israel's universities says all you need to know about its hard-left activists, argues William D. Rubinstein
October 11, 2007 William D. Rubinstein mourns the decline and fall of the Guinness Book of World Records
September 19, 2007 William D. Rubinstein raises some questions for the advocates of intelligent design: The Edge of Evolution: The Search For the Limits of Darwinism - Michael J. Behe
September 03, 2007 William D. Rubinstein wonders how a nation came to be enthralled by a belief-system quite as insane as genocidal anti-semitism: The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 - Saul Friedlander
July 23, 2007 The Rowntree Foundation is wrong about poverty in Britain, argues William D. Rubinstein
July 05, 2007 David Cameron and Taxation: William D. Rubinstein argues that taxes under a future Cameron-led Conservative government will only go in one direction - UP
June 28, 2007 Oswald Mosley's post-War exploits show him to have had few - if any - redeeming features, argues William D. Rubinstein: Very Deeply Dyed in Black: Sir Oswald Mosley and the Resurrection of British Fascism After 1945 - Graham Macklin
June 19, 2007 William D. Rubinstein asks, did Jack Amery become a Nazi and an anti-Semite because he was ashamed of his own Jewish ancestry? Speaking For England: Leo, Julian, and John Amery and the Tragedy of a Political Family - David Faber
June 11, 2007 Brothers & Reclaiming History: Anyone who still believes left-wing conspiracy theories about the assassination of JFK such as Brothers should read Reclaiming History and realise that the Warren Commission got it right
June 06, 2007 William D. Rubinstein finds very little revealed in the latest orthodox biography of William Shakespeare: Shakespeare Revealed: A Biography - Rene Weis
March 28, 2007 William D. Rubinstein asks, should anyone be surprised that a genius such as George Gershwin was a flawed human being? The Memory of All That: The Life of George Gershwin - Joan Peyser
March 19, 2007 Winston Churchill and the "Jewish moneylenders": Far from being an anti-Semite Winston Churchill was a lifelong Zionist and philo-Semite, argues historian William D. Rubinstein
February 26, 2007 Cash for Honours: William D. Rubinstein offers an historical perspective - and argues that the real problem with Blair's peerages has not been the ennoblement of a few rich men, but the ennoblement of large numbers of the left-liberal establishment
January 31, 2007 A Report Card on the Blair Government: Historian William D. Rubinstein offers his assessment
December 21, 2006 Ralph Vaughan Williams: Britain's Greatest Composer
December 19, 2006 Sir Henry Neville and the Sonnets: Do the Sonnets show that Shakespeare's work was in fact written by Sir Henry Neville? William D. Rubinstein thinks so
November 07, 2006 William Shakespeare and Sir Henry Neville: A conspiracy or an agreement? - William D. Rubinstein presents new evidence which he argues confirms his claim that Sir Henry Neville was the true author of Shakespeare's plays
October 31, 2006 William D. Rubinstein asks, when the BBC admits its own bias why will politicians take no serious action to tackle it?
October 18, 2006 Stalin the Mass Murderer: How many victims?
October 05, 2006 The End of the Newspaper? William D. Rubinstein argues that reports of the death of the newspaper have been greatly exaggerated
August 17, 2006 Slavery in the Islamic World - A Forgotten Horror Story
August 08, 2006 The Culture Wars Down Under: Keith Windschuttle, the Aborigines, and the Left - Part Two
July 26, 2006 The Culture Wars Down Under: Keith Windschuttle, the Aborigines, and the Left - Part One
June 28, 2006 The Culture Wars Down Under: John Wren, Frank Hardy, and Power Without Glory
June 22, 2006 We should be worried by the Third World population explosion, argues William D. Rubinstein
May 15, 2006 Can a new biography of Mosley explain how a Labour politician concerned with fighting unemployment in the 1920s became the leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s? Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism - Stephen Dorril
February 27, 2006 David Irving holds absurd views about the holocaust and his dislike of Jews comes straight from the Munich beer halls of 1923 - but he should not have been imprisoned, argues William D. Rubinstein
February 24, 2006 The Autodidact: Someone who thinks for themselves? Or someone who can be rather too free thinking?
December 14, 2005 Late Romantic Music: Great Works You Would Like If You Knew They Existed
November 17, 2005 University Students: Today's students are no worse - and may be slightly better - than those of the past
October 05, 2005 Is Sir Henry Neville the true author of Shakespeare's plays? William D. Rubinstein discusses the Shakespeare "authorship question" and explains why he believes that Shakespeare's plays were really written by Sir Henry Neville
October 03, 2005 Europe - What Went Wrong?
July 27, 2005 Life after Death?
June 13, 2005 The British Academic Boycott of Israel: How the fear of Islamist terrorism contributed to its revocation
May 12, 2005 The Theory of Evolution: Just a Theory?
March 01, 2005 Academic vs. "Amateur" History: The Yawning Gap
February 07, 2005 Immigration: How the Australians Do It
January 17, 2005 America & Britain: The Overlooked Alliance
December 06, 2004 Religious America and Secular Britain: is there an explanation?
November 12, 2004 A Modest Proposal: Abolish the Income Tax
October 20, 2004 Why the BBC in its present form should be abolished
September 28, 2004 Money Talks? Once It Whispered, Now It Shouts
September 02, 2004 Genocide and the West: Why modernity is not to blame for twentieth century genocides

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