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Marketing The Revolution

Michael Mosbacher, 2002
ISBN 0 907631 95 9

After the collapse of the Soviet bloc, capitalism was acknowledged as the only way of organising a sucessful econony, at least for a brief time. But today capitalism finds itself surrounded by a host of new critics. At least these critics appear to be doing something new. They focus on cases of abuse, cases which result allegedly from the actions of particular global corporations: the abuse of the environment, the low pay of workers in the 'South', child labour, and the imposition of lifestyles through brands.

So, how seriously should these critics of capitalism be treated? Marketing The Revolution finds that a good number of the new critics are doing little that is new. Even their emphasis on individual alleged abuses is, at least in part, not a new end but a means to galvanize support for their hatred of capitalism.

The new critics imply, by their recitation of particular abuses and attacks upon particular brands, that they are concerned with the specific abuses. Yet the leading chronicler of anti-branding, Naomi Klein, says:'For years, we in the movement have fed off our opponents' symbols - their brands, their office towers, their photo-opportunity summits. We have used them as rallying cries, as focal points, as popular education tools. But these symbols were never the real target: they were the levers, the handles.'

Even the tactics of the new critics are not original; they are borrowed from modern corporate PR. Take away the heartstring of 'abuse' cases and the second-hand PR and what is left is little more than a crude and entirely negative hatred of capitalism. There is no thoughtful analysis of the system they so loathe, no awareness of how they themselves are part of it, no carefully considered alternative for the betterment of the world.

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