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Spinning The Spies: Intelligence, Open Government and the Hutton Inquiry

Spinning the spies cover
Anthony Glees & Philip H J Davies, 2004
ISBN 1 904863 01 9

This book is about a major and dangerous failing of government and intelligence at a time of great national crisis. It is also about the failure of the BBC to properly fulfil its role as a public service broadcaster.

The inability to find stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction which members of the intelligence community firmly believed were being amassed in Iraq was Britainís worst intelligence failure since the Second World War. It continues to haunt the corridors of power, raising grave questions about how intelligence feeds into policy-making in an increasingly fissile world.

Exploiting the unique resource of the published evidence marshalled by the Hutton Inquiry Anthony Glees and Philip H J Davies show how:

  • Tony Blairís government and Britainís intelligence community systematically mishandled the use of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war;

  • The BBC systematically misreported and mishandled the story of Dr David Kelly, one of Britainís best weapon experts.

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