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Dishonesty at Work

John Taylor & Adrian Furnham, 2005
ISBN 1 904863 03 5

Dishonesty and deceit are increasing in the workplace. Employee theft, it is estimated, is responsible for 30% to 40% of all business failures. In the retail sector theft by staff accounts for an estimated 50.8% of all “shrinkages”.

John Taylor and Adrian Furnham offer employers a guide to minimising employee dishonesty. Taylor and Furnham explain the most important things employers should – and should not – do to prevent dishonesty by their staff. The authors base this advice on their many years of experience. John Taylor is now an independent consultant to international companies and government organisations, having worked for many years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Adrian Furnham is Professor of Psychology at University College, London and has been acknowledged as the world’s most productive psychologist for the last twenty years.

Taylor and Furnham argue that the way ahead is not for employers to trust their staff less and less. Loyalty is a two way street: employers who show their staff little loyalty can expect less in return. Commitment and loyalty come from the right recruitment – and exit - policies, not from CC TV cameras.

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Category: Moral and social concerns