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The Muslim and the Microphone: Miscommunications in the War on Terror

S. J. Masty, 2006
ISBN 1 904863 11 6

At home and abroad, the war against terrorism can only be won in two ways - stop young Muslims from becoming terrorists, or get their friends, family and neighbours to inform the police. We are losing that war, and terrorist recruiters are winning - argues S J Masty - because the West bungles its communications to the Muslim world, often by accident but sometimes intentionally due to conflicting objectives. S J Masty, international expert in strategic communications and long-time observer of Islamic affairs, describes why the war is being lost, how Western messages alienate Muslim audiences. He recommends structural reforms in the way Western governments communicate in response to domestic political pressures, and how to improve content to stop making enemies needlessly.

"If you want to know why terrorism all too easily finds favourable terrain read S J Masty's excellent book."

Nick Danziger - author of Danziger's Travels and Danziger's Britain

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Category: Modern society & cultural change