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What's Wrong with Liberal Interventionism: The Dangers and Delusions of the Interventionist Doctrine

Roger Howard, 2006
ISBN 1 904863 14 0

On both sides of the Atlantic, the doctrine of "liberal interventionism" has, in recent years, been making inroads in policy making circles. The domestic affairs of one sovereign state, maintain its advocates, are a matter of direct concern to other states, which are therefore justified in actively interfering. "Neoconservatives" argue that the global diffusion of democratic values is in the West's best interests; meanwhile, many among the liberal-left argue that the Western world has a responsibility to uphold human rights in other countries. In What's Wrong with Liberal Interventionism, Roger Howard argues that the core principles of liberal interventionism are not only delusional, but also present clear dangers. He argues that not only are liberal interventionists particularly apt to wholly misjudge a foreign mindset, but they are also inadvertently responsible for fuelling mistrust with rival states - at the very time when this ought to be avoided.
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