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The English at Table

The English at table (cover).gif
Digby Anderson, 2006
ISBN 1 904863 18 3

The modern English congratulate themselves that their food is rather good - they claim that Britain has undergone a culinary renaissance. In The English at Table Digby Anderson surveys England's eating habits and finds that these claims are all nonsense. English food remains as bad as it has ever been. The English at Table documents the awfulness of English food and the shallowness of English food culture. The English at Table is illustrated by The Spectator's cartoon editor, Michael Heath.

Digby Anderson, earning himself the title "England's most violent cook", has written about food for The Spectator, National Review, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and New York Times. He was also Director of the Social Affairs Unit from 1980 until February 2004.

"Parts of this book really do read as written by a monster".
Leading UK food publisher

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Category: Modern society & cultural change