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White Elephant: How the North East Said No

William Norton, 2008
ISBN 978-1-904863-28-1

"White Elephant" is the greatest book ever written about English local government organisation. Can you afford not to read the only work which offers you: the real meaning of Red; the complexity of the Ibiza Beach Question; the definition of balance; an exploration of man's endless quest for the moral high ground; the insidious cunning of the Heineken Strategy; whether you really need a positive message; the shocking risks created by the Northumberland Schools Dispute; the peril of the Preston call centre; the dangers of maniacs; how to fix a motor car with a hair dryer; when a government minister is not a government minister; why 42 + 9 = 78; the creeping deceit of the corporate democratic core costing model; the strategic power of pizza; whether it is really wise to try to fit a broad church into a big tent (or vice versa); the final answer to the difference between a referendum and a plebiscite; and, much, much more!
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