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The Disrespect Agenda: Or How the Wrong Kind of Niceness is Making Us Weak and Unhappy

Lincoln Allison, 2008
ISBN 978-1-904863-30-4

The Disrespect Agenda is a plea for the kind of clear thinking, and for the love of liberty, that typified the rise of Britain in the Hanoverian period. The author argues that the constant harping on about respect in the contemporary world - by governments, gangsters, and community leaders - is the tip of an iceberg of confusion and moral weakness. Free and responsible human beings should not crave respect, and should bestow it only cautiously, after stringent tests and never as a matter of right. The author suggests an agenda of targets for sceptical disrespect, including artists, educationalists and politicians.

Lincoln Allison has combined an academic career in the study of politics with writing and broadcasting on his other interests, which include sport, travel and the countryside. Although he retired from a full-time academic post in 2004, in order to pursue his other interests, he remains Emeritus Reader in Politics at the University of Warwick and Visiting Professor in Sport and Leisure at the University of Brighton.

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