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Anthony Daniels (19 posts)

September 01, 2005 When public health aims clash: how health education tends to widen health inequalities
August 22, 2005 My Fathers' Daughter - Hannah Pool
July 04, 2005 France & Britain: we are both going to hell in a handbasket - just in different ways
May 23, 2005 Malcolm Glazer & Manchester United: How the takeover of a football club has become an excuse for xenophobia
April 22, 2005 On Bullshit and Humbug
March 31, 2005 Morality, Aid and Africa
March 18, 2005 Cannibals, Psychiatrists and the CPS
March 03, 2005 Modern Relationships: where serious too often means shallow - and likely to end in violence
February 22, 2005 How Free is Britain?
January 06, 2005 The Buenos Aires nightclub fire: how the British press would respond to a similar disaster in London or Manchester
December 07, 2004 Mental health and British prisoners: The Guardian has identified the wrong scandal
November 15, 2004 "Get your filthy hands off my future": Bloated Plutocrats and Friends of the Earth
October 27, 2004 Anthony Daniels discovers certain parallels between the UK and Burma
October 25, 2004 L'Amerique Inattendue - Andre Maurois
October 04, 2004 Anthony Daniels proposes himself for the role of Chief Censor
September 16, 2004 Jamaican youth culture explains why black boys under-achieve in British schools, argues Anthony Daniels
September 08, 2004 Anthony Daniels finds too much self-expression
August 20, 2004 Anthony Daniels extols the Bourgeois
August 09, 2004 The European Working Time Directive & the Sound-Bite Culture: why the latter makes arguing against the former impossible

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