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March 13, 2012 Doctors should not vote for industrial action - argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 13, 2012 No Representation without Taxation: Theodore Dalrymple finds much merit in a proposal from Ken Livingstone
February 03, 2012 The reaction to the deaths of seventy people at a football match in Egypt once again illustrates man's eternal search for freedom from responsibility - argues Theodore Dalrymple
February 03, 2012 The Guardian is at last endorsing the necessity, inevitability and wisdom of prejudice and discrimination - Theodore Dalrymple celebrates this conversion to common sense
January 10, 2012 Evra, Suarez and Racism on the Football Pitch: If racist insults are punished then so must other insults - argues Theodore Dalrymple
November 03, 2011 Theodore Dalrymple argues, why can The Guardian not see that murder is murder and that the nature of the victim does not make the crime any better or any worse?
September 14, 2011 Theodore Dalrymple explains why political apologies for the past actions of others have become so flourishing a genre - it is precisely because they are so meaningless and useless
September 09, 2011 Britain is a very corrupt country: much more corrupt than France - says Theodore Dalrymple
August 18, 2011 Theodore Dalrymple on what Chekhov can teach us about the London riots
June 03, 2011 The educational establishment in France has made all the same mistakes as it has in England, and it too lacks courage - argues Theodore Dalrymple
May 20, 2011 Theodore Dalrymple on Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Super Injunctions: Theodore Darymple explains why he would rather have the French press than the British - cover-ups are preferable to vulgarity
April 15, 2011 The sins of the News of the World are merely a reflection of the sins of British society - we have made vulgarity king when it should be court jester - argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 21, 2011 If I knew only of two young applicants for a job that one was British and that the other was Polish, I would employ the Pole - says Theodore Dalrymple
February 04, 2011 The British intelligentsia is unable or unwilling to distinguish between cultural elitism and social exclusivity - Theodore Dalrymple argues this explains the unutterable mediocrity of contemporary Britain
December 07, 2010 On a sojourn to the West Country, Theodore Dalrymple finally discovers the futility of imprisonment - and learns what a great Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke is
November 30, 2010 Murder in Yeovil: Theodore Dalrymple explains why the correct use of language is the key to restoring health to our polity
November 19, 2010 "The ear-biting incident was not without interest": Theodore Dalrymple discovers that Yeovil is a hotbed of crime and disorder - just like any other English town
July 22, 2010 Prison works - or rather it works better than the alternatives, argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 24, 2010 Impoverishment will be our well-merited collective fate - argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 11, 2010 Theodore Dalrymple finds much to dislike in a job ad in the British Medical Journal
March 11, 2010 Northern Rock is wrong to subsidise Newcastle United, argues Theodore Dalrymple
February 03, 2010 Theodore Dalrymple gets a parking ticket - and ponders how a state can remain adept at revenue extraction when it is so incompetent at everything else
November 27, 2009 Theodore Dalrymple recommends taking your holiday at an airport hotel - so long as you don't switch on the television
November 18, 2009 Workshops and why you must avoid them - or so says Theodore Dalrymple
November 18, 2009 Apologies and Letters: Theodore Dalrymple explains why he feels sorry for Gordon Brown
November 03, 2009 Being offensive should not be a cause for complaint to the police - or we risk becoming a police state, argues Theodore Dalrymple
October 28, 2009 Theodore Dalrymple makes a modest proposal: Let us subsidise tickets to football matches
August 06, 2009 Government ministers should be under twenty-four hour video surveillance - argues Theodore Dalrymple
July 02, 2009 Theodore Dalrymple on the Ugliness of Andrew Murray - or why we should all become more self-controlled
July 01, 2009 In Praise of Prejudice: Theodore Dalrymple on where a society without prejudice will get us
May 11, 2009 Not enough self-respect: Theodore Dalrymple on what is wrong with our MPs
April 22, 2009 It is not just rapists who are let off too lightly by the courts, argues Theodore Dalrymple
February 05, 2009 Righteous Indignation: Theodore Dalrymple on a tale of two newspaper headlines
February 04, 2009 Theodore Dalrymple asks, are we all Keynesians now? Or might Keynesianism mean quite different things in Britain and Germany
December 03, 2008 Theodore Dalrymple contemplates Richey Edwards and the Punk Ethic - and decides that on balance he does not approve
November 05, 2008 The Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross affair illustrates why young Britons are everywhere loathed and despised - says Theodore Dalrymple
June 30, 2008 Psychiatric services in Britain are being destroyed by an apparatchik class which has already undermined our schools, univeristies and police service - argues Theodore Dalrymple
May 30, 2008 The fact that some traditional two-parent families are joyless places is no reason to damn the institution wholesale - yet that is what much of bien-pensant opinion seeks to do, argues Theodore Dalrymple
April 29, 2008 Why do quite a lot of prisoners prefer life inside to life "on the out"? Former prison doctor Theodore Dalrymple suspects it is because our society is producing fewer independent and responsible adults
April 18, 2008 Theodore Dalrymple on Terence Rattigan, Suicide and Prison - or how incontinent compassion has become a Keynesian stimulus to the economy of the caring profession
April 09, 2008 Theodore Dalrymple and the Last Days of Rome: Theodore Dalrymple regrets paying too little attention to Latin at school - then he would have realised so much earlier the parallels between late Rome and contemporary Britain
April 01, 2008 Theodore Dalrymple says that Lord Woolf is wrong: we are not imprisoning the wrong people - just too few of the right people
March 18, 2008 It is right to imprison drug addicts - argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 10, 2008 Theodore Dalrymple on the Scarlett Keeling murder in Goa: were our confused attitudes to foreign cultures a contributory factor?
February 19, 2008 Obsessive gambling is now regarded as a mental illness - but, argues Theodore Dalrymple, does that not mean that the Disability Discrimination Act makes it illegal for bookies to discriminate against obsessive gamblers by banning them from their shops?
January 23, 2008 Theodore Dalrymple is outraged to be asked his ethnicity by officialdom - but remembers that it is our social duty to grin and bear insults
January 11, 2008 Radio One should not exist: it is an example of the pervasive corporatist corruption of the British state - argues Theodore Dalrymple
September 03, 2007 The Unintended Consequences of Foreign Aid: Theodore Dalrymple explains how Western policies have poisoned the water supplies of 70 million in Bangladesh
August 23, 2007 Ramadan, Multicultural Sensitivities and the NHS: Theodore Dalrymple argues that Muslim extremists could not wish for better allies than the managers of NHS Lothian
August 22, 2007 Whatever Geoffrey Robertson and The Lancet's writers might believe, there is no universal human right to health - argues Theodore Dalrymple
July 11, 2007 Theodore Dalrymple is persuaded that Britain's current prosperity is an illusion built on debt - but is not convinced that protectionism is the answer: Fantasy Island - Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson
April 16, 2007 What are the lessons of the Natallie Evans case? Human rights mean anger, not satisfaction - argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 29, 2007 Good people have become a defeated class in Blair's Britain, argues Theodore Dalrymple
March 08, 2007 Doctors are being stripped of their autonomy - in short they are being proletarianised, argues Theodore Dalrymple
February 28, 2007 "Tax is solidarity" - Theodore Dalrymple diagnoses France's malaise: Their intellectuals' belief that tax is solidarity and justice is fairness - but the national sport is tax evasion
February 05, 2007 Theodore Dalrymple finds a cure for the German malady of low blood pressure: read The Guardian's job advertisements
January 15, 2007 It would be far better to lower - rather than raise - the school leaving age, argues Theodore Dalrymple
January 04, 2007 Mr Brown's self-esteem issue - or, asks Theodore Dalrymple, does Gordon Brown really believe that he can solve the problems of the world?
January 03, 2007 Saddam Hussein's execution and EU Commissioner Louis Michel: Theodore Dalrymple on how M. Michel has shown himself to be uniquely qualified to be a ruler in today's Europe
December 14, 2006 Addiction and the Ipswich Murders: Theodore Dalrymple argues that the five murdered women were driven on to the streets not by addiction itself, but by myths about addiction
December 11, 2006 Victim impact statements represent the sentimentalisation - the Diana-ification - of the criminal justice system, argues Theodore Dalrymple
June 07, 2006 It is the inescapable duty of every decent citizen to express no interest in or enthusiasm for football and the World Cup - Theodore Dalrymple explains why
May 24, 2006 Psychiatric drug promotion and the politics of neoliberalism: The British Journal of Psychiatry is wrong to blame neoliberalism for the over-prescription of antidepressants, argues Theodore Dalrymple
May 22, 2006 The aesthetics of the A55: Theodore Dalrymple finds that everything built along the A55 since the First World War has been a scar on the landscape and explores why our architecture has been so bad
May 17, 2006 Litter and the A55: Theodore Dalrymple on the social and cultural meaning of the littering of our country
May 10, 2006 Astonishing Quantities of Rubbish: Theodore Dalrymple takes a drive along the A55 - and finds litter, great mounds of it
May 03, 2006 As alternatives to the NHS are considered, which model of healthcare will Britain adopt? The French, the Swiss, the German or the American? Theodore Dalrymple thinks it might well be the Zairean
April 13, 2006 Incivility on the tennis court: Theodore Dalrymple finds parallels between the lenient treatment of Andrew Murray for his swearing outburst and the lenient treatment of offenders by the criminal justice system
February 27, 2006 Sometime expert witness Theodore Dalrymple explains the problem with expert testimony: mavericks and the upholders of orthodoxy are treated as equals
February 21, 2006 Theodore Dalrymple asks, can you guess which newspaper recently called for "swift, severe and exemplary" punishment for offenders?
January 31, 2006 Theodore Dalrymple on Smoking Bans: How the likely total ban on smoking in public places shows what we have become - a Nation of Intolerant Monomaniacs
January 26, 2006 Theodore Dalrymple contemplates death - and is shocked by the growing informality of modern funerals
January 03, 2006 Theodore Dalrymple remembers Ken Saro-Wiwa - and asks, if unearned income from oil has done so much harm to Nigeria, will increased unearned aid flows not do similar harm to Africa as a whole?
December 20, 2005 Is there a zeitgeist that affects the West as a whole? Theodore Dalrymple finds very similar debates in France and Britain on the best methods of teaching children to read - yet neither debate refers to the other
November 23, 2005 Theodore Dalrymple on unemployment and the riots in France: discrimination is not the cause; France's rigid labour market is to blame
November 01, 2005 Thankfully there is no justice to the allocation of medical care - if there were many of us would be left to die agonising deaths, argues Theodore Dalrymple
October 10, 2005 Theodore Dalrymple on why the Baroque is superior to Rock: high culture is no bulwark against barbarism - but Baroque does not make those already predisposed to violence even more violent
September 23, 2005 Theodore Dalrymple asks, is The Guardian institutionally racist?
July 28, 2005 Why equality of opportunity is impossible to achieve - but intellectual elitism can offer opportunity to all
July 21, 2005 On being sacked as a book reviewer for being too old

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