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"Scrap the BBC!": Ten Years to Set Broadcasters Free

Richard D. North, 2007
ISBN 978 1 904863 20 5

Broadcasters are corseted and cosseted - it's time to set them free. We need to scrap the TV licence and give broadcast journalists the same freedoms their print colleagues enjoy, argues Richard D. North. It made sense 80 years ago to treat broadcasters as special - but not now. "Scrap The BBC!" is a manifesto for the future of broadcasting. North suggests that broadcasters are crippled by the requirement to be impartial. Instead of being neutered but perpetually dissident, they need the freedom to be partisan and even positive.

"A very stimulating work with some palpable hits at the BBC and how it has cleverly survived in the bearpit of media politics." Professor Sir Alan Peacock, Chairman of the Government Committee of Inquiry into the financing of the BBC, 1986

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