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The Nation that Forgot God

Edited by Edward Leigh & Alex Haydon, 2009
ISBN 978-1-904863-41-0

The Nation that Forgot God dissects the secularisation of the West. The book's essays trace the effects on ordinary people of being the first post-religious society. Every other society has had at its heart the existence and practice of religion. But this book is not just a social history. It is also a guide to how we as individuals can change history. Essays on: Edward Leigh on How Britain has Lost its Way; Alexander Boot on Political Correctness; Peter Mullen on Making Your Own Hope; Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on Thinking and Acting Morally; Roger Scruton asks, Quo Vadis?; Bat Ye'or on the Ambiguities of Multiculturalism; Canon Peter Williams on the British Abolition of Slavery; Shusha Guppy on Christians and Muslims in Britain; Philippa Taylor on Supporting Marriage and the Family; John Marks on Teaching Today; Archbishop Vincent Nichols on Community Cohesion and Catholic Education; Abbot Aidan Bellenger on Seeking God as a Benedictine Monk.

"The nation of the title of this book of essays is, of course, Britain. The arresting title is justified by the intellectual strength of the twelve authors. I recommend this book most strongly". Catholic Times

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